New York State Is Giving You Free High Speed Internet
By 2018, every New Yorker will have access to high-speed internet making "Broadband for All" a reality. Governor Cuomo's initiative is a major step in making sure that everyone in New York State is up to speed and on the same level, noting that it is necessary for our fast pac…
Just What We Need – An Internet Timewaster!
Anybody who spends any length of time on line - at work or home - suffers from a common complaint. Boredom. For all the wonders the Internet provides, there are literally millions of sites that produce nothing more than loud, long yawns . Here's at least a little relief.
Need An Online Time-Waster? We’ve Got You Covered
Whether you're trying to finish that report for your boss, or finish a report for Professor Bradberry, there are times we all need an Internet time-waster. You know, something that kills a little time, gets your mind off whatever it is you're doing, maybe gives you a little challenge.

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