Jamey Rodemeyer

Stop The Hate Bully Essay Hits Home [VIDEO]
Bullying is an emotional subject in Western New York. Since Williamsville North Freshman Jamey Rodemeyer took his own life last year after enduring years of bullying, the word "bully" is not taken so lightly. That's why the following the story caught my eye.
Erie County Lawmakers Pass Cyberbullying Legislation
Following the suicide of Williamsville teen last year, the Erie County Legislature has unanimously approved cyberbullying legislation. Lawmakers noted how the Williamsville North teenager tragically took his own life after being bullied online for years as they approved the measure. Erie County Exec…
Actor Zachary Quinto Comes Out For Jamey Rodemeyer
Actor Zachary Quinto, "Spock" in the 2009 "Star Trek" movie and "Sylar" on the show "Heroes," acknowledged that he is homosexual in a Sunday post,apparently in part due to a local teen's suicide.