Odd Taboo: New Trend, the Bagel Head
This is totally wild. I have no clue what’s going on over there in Japan right now but, being a ‘Bagel Head’ is the hot new trend. National Geographic had this video of how it works. A technician takes a needle of saline and injects it into the forehead and…
Japan Tsunami Shreds Antarctic Ice [VIDEO]
Just how powerful was the deadly tsunami that devastated Japan in March?
We've certainly heard about the deaths and damage it caused in Japan. But we had believed the massive wave did no notable damage to other parts of the world
Until now.
NASA used satellite photographs taken over almost a half-…
After Math of the Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan
Yesterday was a day of terror for millions of People in Japan and around the Pacific Rim. Today marks the beginning of a massive search for survivors and the overwhelming cleanup process. 96.1 Joy FM urges all who can donate money to the cleanup effort to donate to The American Red Cross...