Jeans That Fight Cellulite
It is my contention that women's lot in life is to:
A) Bear the pain of childbirth
B) Go bathing suit shopping
and C) Find the perfect pair of jeans.
In case you missed it this morning, I talked about Wrangler's new line of jeans that allegedly fight cellulite...
Flares Are In Full Fall Fashion
Oh thank heavens this trend is back !!!  I love anything 70's and the retro flare /bell bottom jeans are big for the fall.  Bell bottoms are a fabulous fit if you are a bit curvy, tall or both. 
The trend of the skinny jean is definitely around but it may have to take a back seat to the flare jean. T…
Jeans Prices Are On The Rise

It rained all weekend and I decided indoor activities would be best. My friends and I decided to do a little shopping. Would you spend $200 for a pair of jeans? I guess a J Brand jean is worth every penny to the people who purchase them. If you are able to stay the same size for 2 years they will la…
The History Of Denim
Denim fabric has been a part of our culture and fashion for a long time. Now  a days this versatile fabric lives in the world of high fashion. But it got it's humble beginnings in 1853