Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston, $8k A Month To Look HOT!
43-year-old Jennifer Aniston looks amazing! How does she do it? Money helps... according to the Daily Mail, Aniston spends $8,000 a month on beauty products, nutritionists, exercise and a personal dietician,costs around $680 a week. And the big secret...
Yoga With Jenn Aniston
How does Jen Aniston get that fab over 40 body?  Good nutrition and exercise is key. Try this move that Jen uses to help stay in shape, courtesy of Mindy Inger her Yoga Instructor. I know celebs have all the help in the world, but they feel pain and soreness just like us. After trying this my s…
Jennifer Aniston’s New Beau
Jennifer Aniston has a new boyfriend!  There's word Jen has been getting cozy with Actor and Screenwriter Justin Theroux.  Who's he?  That's exactly what I was wondering so I rounded up a few pictures for us to see!

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