Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy Denies She Said Son Evan Was Never Autistic
To some, Jenny McCarthy is a tireless autism crusader, putting a face to the condition once her son Evan, now 11, was diagnosed as autistic at age 3. To health care professionals, she was considered a menace, thanks to her controversial viewpoint that immunizations and vaccinations caused her son to…
Jenny McCarthy Officially Joins ‘The View’
After much speculation, anti-vaccination crusader Jenny McCarthy has officially been confirmed by Barbara Walters as the new co-host on 'The View,' replacing exiting host Joy Behar.
Let's just hope she keeps her opinions on medicine to herself.
Jenny McCarthy Turns Up Again On ‘Men’ [VIDEO]
This week, Jenny McCarthy did something Charlie Sheen can't do, she revisited 'Two and A Half Men' as her old character, Courtney. This time her target was love-lorn Walden, but as you may have figured out, she was only in it for the money. When Walden's soon-to-be ex offered her…