Job Opportunities In Buffalo This Week
Looking for work, or maybe just a change of pace?  This week presents a unique opportunity to see what the city has to offer!
"Buffalo Works" presents several events this week for careers in the Queen city (click the list items in BOLD for more info...
They Did WHAT? The Dumbest Ways People Have Gotten Fired
Whether you're on the beach on your own accord (ie, you quit!) or you were recently terminated...whether you hate your job or are just looking for some extra income, the WNY Diversity Job Fair is TOMORROW (Wednesday, March 22).  LOTS of great companies -- WITH JOBS AVAILABLE NOW -- will be…
SolarCity Looking for Factory Workers
#solarjobs coming to Buffalo? @solarcity begins hunt for factory workers at massive new #solar facility
— The Solar Foundation (@solarfound) December 7, 2016
SolarCity in South Buffalo is finally ready to fill it's factory with workers...
Have You Had One Of The Top 5 Jobs That People Regret?
If you love what you do, then it's not work. But, if you don't like your job, it may just be a pain right in the ol' rear to go every single day.
Would you add your job to the top of this list? Or have you had an old job that may be the perfect fit for the #1 spot on our list of '…
FAA Hiring 1,400 High Paying Air Traffic Controllers
If you need a job, you may just end up at the Buffalo Airport being an air traffic controller. The Federal Aviation Administration needs to hire 1,400 entry-level air traffic controllers. We hear that the entry position pays around $29,000,
Don't worry though, you're salary will go up...
Top 5 Jobs That Will Make You Obese
A survey of about 100,000 professionals was taken to see what jobs destory your body (or at least, don't help it much). While sales people lead the pack as the professionals with the least amount of obese workers, lets explore to see which are the heaviest...
The 5 Highest Paying American Jobs in 2015 [LIST]
Here are the average salaries of the top five paying jobs in America.
For example, in teaching, every teacher in America's salary was included to find the average.
In an ironic twist, I started writing this only to find out that anesthesiology was #1 on the list, which is what I went to school fo…
Why Good Employees Quit Their Jobs
If your New Year's Resolution was to find a better job, there's a chance it's not because you don't like your current job...but, more likely, it's because you're not being treated well.
An eye-opening article was recently posted, and might be worth it for all managers, H…
Auto Repair Sales, Store Manager + More Wanted — WNY Jobs
Job hunting? Check out these recently listed openings in the Buffalo area.
Via Careerbuilder:
Auto Repair & Tire Sales
Mavis Tire Supply, Full-Time
Store Manager
Games Workshop, $33,000.00 /Year
Assistant Manager
Citi Trends, Full-Time
* 2-4 years of retail experience as an Assistant Manager.
HR Associate, Truck Drivers + More Wanted — WNY Jobs
Job hunting? Check out these recently listed openings in the Buffalo area.
Via Careerbuilder:
HR Associate
McKesson, Full-Time
2+ years benefits, HR, or related experience
Truck Drivers
West Side Transport, Inc., $900 Per Week Minimum Commitment Pay
Workflow Developer
Robert Half Technology
5+ years Producti…

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