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Wendie Malick on Buffalo’s Morning Show [AUDIO]
Native Buffalonian Wendie Malick (Hot In Cleveland, TV Land) dropped in on Buffalo's Morning Show with Joe & Cheryl this morning to reminisce about the Queen City and to also give us the latest from the set of "Hot In Cleveland" and her co-stars Valerie Bertinelli, Bet…
Low Fat Eggnog Recipe: The Impossible Question!
Joe & Cheryl's Impossible Question dealt with eggnog today. Traditionally, eggnog is a high calorie, high fat treat for the holidays. Many of us avoid it though, because it such a guilty pleasure. Here's an idea of how to have your eggnog and still stay slim!
Buffalo Bisons Let You BEAT THE WEATHER!
The Buffalo Bisons are so sick of this rainy, cold weather that they are GUARANTEEING RECORD TERMPERATURES for their four-game series against the Charlotte Knights, May 21-24 at Coca-Cola Field.

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