Joe Chille

Buddies And The Bisons In Buffalo!
My good buddy Bernie Delong, who now lives in Niceville, Florida came back to Buffalo for his 30 year High School reunion, and we got together for a Buffalo Bison's game. Bernie, his Mom, sister, her boyfriend, Corinna, Colby, Grace and me
Congratulations To Our SAS Shoes and Twizzlers’ Winners!
Congratulations to Nancy Owen who registered at SAS Shoes and won tickets to see Tim McGraw next Saturday at Darien Lake!
Congratulations as well to Linda and Bill Graf who won $25.00 Wegmans Gift cards from Twizzlers..."The twist you can't resist"
Thanks to all who joined us th…
My 7 Favorite TV Show Theme Songs [Video]
"Spenser: For Hire" - Set in Boston, Spenser and Hawk take on the toughest of Bean-towns bad guys!
"Miami Vice" - Crockett and Tubbs, outdress and outwit drug dealers in Florida's hottest spots.
"Magnum PI" - Thomas Magnum, his Ferrari and go…
Our Four Days In Boston
What a birthday present! A week ago Thursday was my birthday, and Corinna, wanted to do something special. She told me, "have you bags packed for 4 days away". "Don't schedule anything at work from 12 noon on Friday May 27th thru 6pm Monday May 30th", and yes…
Reflections on My Mom for Mother’s Day
Probably the hardest thing to write about when posting a story, is something about yourself. After 40 years in broadcasting, I still find sharing something personal as one of the hardest things to do.
It's Mother's Day and hopefully you are all spending sometime with your Mom's today.…
Ready, Set….WAIT! Our Flight To Florida is the good news. 2010's airline accident rate was the LOWEST in aviation history. Reason to rejoice right?
It was a week ago Saturday, Corinna and I were boarding a jet for an uneventful non-stop flight to Florida.