Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Singing on Bar at LIV Niteclub!
The biggest Pop star on the planet showed up at the hottest nightclub in Miami last night! Justin Bieber ended up dancing on the main bar singing along to 3 of his current Top 10 hits! Show your kids the video here.
‘Bieber In the Buff’ for THURSDAY [PHOTO]
In case you hadn't heard, Mix 96 is giving you Justin Bieber tickets all week long with 'Bieber In The Buff'!
Our clues have been tough...but not TOO tough. Like Justin. ;)
Monday, we sent you to Lackawana.
Tuesday, it was Cheektowaga's turn...
Bieber in the Buff — WEDNESDAY
Your clues for today:

You'll find Bieber near a park where two Native American names collide.
You can get sprinkles where the river meets the dirt.

That's all we needed for MANY of you to RACE to Mississippi Mudds!
Chris from Tonawanda got there first though...

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