Kate Gosselin

Funny & Ugly Celebrity Divorces
There's alot of ridiculous celebrity divorces for ridculous reasons now adays. Arnold's 10 year secret kid was a doosie. Can you think of any couples that you can add to the list at all?
Kate Gosselin’s Naked Job Offer
Welp, life has a funny way of throwing you on different paths. In Kate Gosselin’s case that path could be very awkward and quite the money maker. She lost her job last week and was offered a job hosting her own show….naked.
Kate Gosselin’s New Job May Save You Money
Kate Gosselin has finally landed a new job!  Since TLC cancelled "Kate Plus Eight" a few months ago, Kate has been looking for a new way to bring home the bacon for her large family.  Kate's new job may save both her and you money!
Jon To Kate – Get A Life (Or At Least A Job) [VIDEO]
A confession, to begin this; I have never seen any episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8, or its sequel, Kate Plus 8 [I am neither proud nor ashamed by this. I just believe life is too short to watch televised looney tunes that don't feature Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, or Foghorn Leghorn (though if you h…
TLC Pulls Plug On “Kate Plus 8″ [VIDEO]
Grab the box of tissues, this one might ruin your day... NOT! Television network TLC is putting the kibosh on the family reality show "Kate Plus 8." The show has been around since 2007 and was formerly called "Jon and Kate Plus 8" where it starred parents Jon and …