Kate Middleton

What Will The Royal Baby Look Like? [PICTURES]
Several geneticists, artists and/or Photoshop geniuses have released pictures of what the Royal Baby may look like. Since Prince William and Kate Middleton haven't revealed the gender of the baby, there are male and female versions.
Nurse Who Got Pranked at Kate Middleton’s Hospital Found Dead
Kate Middleton checked into King Edward VII hospital last week for acute morning sickness following the announcement of her pregnancy. While she was there, a pair of Australian radio DJs called the hospital pretending to be Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. The worker who took the call and patched…
She is out of the Hospital!
She's free, she's free!  The Duchess of Cambridge was released from the hospital early this afternoon after a 4 day stay at King Edward the VII Hospital for acute morning sickness. He husband, Prince William picked her up and they went to
5 Things to Expect Now that Kate Middleton Is Expecting
The past few hours have been thrilling ones for Brits (and royal family fans everywhere) with the news erupting due to the announcement of the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy. It seems to us at TheFW that the excitement surrounding this majestic fetus can only be likened to the arri…
Kate & William Win First Battle
After the topless pictures of Kate Middleton surfaced and were published in France, the Royal family went nuts. They took some legal action and tried to win in "breach of privacy". Who knows if this is the outcome they wanted but this, at least, should make them a little happier...

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