Katie Couric

Katie Speaks On Palin In Media
I could not agree with Katie More. Yes the media gives Sarah Palin to much press coverage. What will Katie have to say about other issues? We will wait and see when she launches her talk show on ABC. I am glad Katie Couric is here to stay. See what she thinks of "The Donald"...
Katie Couric’s New ABC Show
Katie Couric will no longer be with CBS, her 15 million dollar contract expires today, and rumors are flying about her signing a contract with ABC to host a daytime talk show.
Scott Pelley Will Anchor ‘CBS Evening News’
It's official: CBS confirmed today that Scott Pelley will replace Katie Couric as anchor of 'CBS Evening News,' ending weeks of rumors and speculation.
According to the NY Times, Pelley will begin his post at the third-rated network news program on June 6. No word yet on when Couric&ap…
Report: Katie Couric to Leave ‘CBS Evening News’
She's used to breaking headlines, but today, Katie Couric is making some of her own.
According to a report from the AP, Couric is leaving her historic anchor post at 'CBS Evening News' after joining the program less than five years ago, in 2006. Her next move: a syndicated talk show, which is expecte…