Kayne West

Funny & Ugly Celebrity Divorces
There's alot of ridiculous celebrity divorces for ridculous reasons now adays. Arnold's 10 year secret kid was a doosie. Can you think of any couples that you can add to the list at all?
Kim Kardashian Pregnant!
Kim Kardashian's crazy 2012- check. New boyfriend-check. Baby on the way - check. Oh yes, boyfriend Kayne West mentioned at a concert recently that Kim is expecting her first child.
Top 10 Fascinating People of 2012 Tonight!
The Top 10 Fascinating People of 2012 is on tonight. I'm a huge fan of this special as Barbara Walters nails it every year. Not to mention, she is relentless with some of the questions she asks people, especially when they're in the media for a having a not-so-positive-year. Here's a …