The World’s First Edible Coffee Cup — From KFC
We may "roll up the rim" in Buffalo, but in the UK, they just go ahead and eat the whole cup.
This item shouldn't surprise us, coming from the fine folks that found a way to replace a bun with two pieces of fried chicken.
Not to be outdone, KFC just announced it's going to …
Double-Down Dog!
It's become all the rage this week online!  KFC's "Double-Down Dog" available only in the Philippines, has raised interest here in the U.S.  So this guy tries to concoct his own version of the fast food item using stuff from other fast food items.
Old KFC Commercial Resembles A Horror Movie! [VIDEO]
I grew up watching things like The Twilight Zone, Planet of the Apes and other "creepy" things my mom used to love...and this commercial just resurfaced to remind me how very strange things were in the late '60s/early '70s.  Were we obsessed with this kind of st…
Wanna Cook Like Colonel Sanders?
A newly-discovered manuscript from the 1960's reveals many of "Colonel" Harlan Sanders' favorite recipies. And the folks at KFC say they'll make it available for free at their web site.