Parents, Check This Stuff Out!


One Last Visit To Toys R Us
I wasn't the only one feeling nostalgic -- the parking lot was packed to Black Friday standards, and the lines were long (but moved fairly quickly). And, TONS of people taking #riptoysrus selfies.
Melody's Top 5 Adult Birthday Party Places...
Ok. Ok. No one likes to get older, things start to hurt more, wrinkles become more prevalent. But, you deserve to have a fun on your birthday. How do you celebrate? Here are my top 5 places to let loose with your family and friends.
'Don't Step In It!' Game Review
Poop is fun, there's no doubting that, especially when the poop is made from Play-Doh, and stepping it in doesn't get any dogs or small children yelled at.
Maple Weekend
On top of Saint Paddy's Day weekend, Maple Weekend kicks off this weekend too!

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