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You Have To See These Peppa Pig Memes
I'm dying over here. Peppa really is pretty savage. She's always getting on George's case, getting catty with Rebecca Rabbit, and talking back to Mommy and Daddy Pig.
Kidde Smoke Alarm Recall
If you purchased a Kidde smoke alarm between September 2016 and January 2018, they may be faulty, and not detect a fire in your home.
Toys R Us Liquidation Sale Delay
Today was supposed to be the start date of nation-wide liquidation sales for retailer Toys R Us. According to a report from WGRZ, the sales have been delayed until tomorrow.
Take The 3 Day Military Diet
This morning we heard lots of great weight loss stories and are always looking for new ways to keep the weigh out and be healthy.
Yo-yo dieting, restricting carbs, restricting calories, working out for hours... It sounds so...AHHHHH!!!!!!
Blue's Clues Adult Parody
We are excited that the TV show Blue's Clues is coming back, so excited that we decided to make an adult parody of the show based about Beer! Hope you enjoy Brew's Clues!

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