Labor Day

Wear White After Labor Day — It’s Cool
This was one of the funniest things to me when I was growing up. As a kid, I sort of understood that it seemed to make sense to wear darker clothes in the cold weather. Well, I mean, there's actual science in the fact that dark colors keep you warmer, and whites reflect the sun and heat in…
A “Labor Of Love” [VIDEO]
(Mt. Rushmore photo courtesy of National Parks Service)
So I’m doing a search of something Labor Day related on Youtube when I came across this video. Of course it’s hard to imagine all the “labor” that went into carving Mt. Rushmore.
Labor Day 2012: Our Guide to All the TV and Movie Marathons
Labor Day weekend is that one time of year when we get an extra day to kick our feet up on the coffee table and gorge on our favorite comfort foods, which is why it’s also the perfect time to enjoy a movie or series marathon on the tube.
The great thing about Labor Day marathons is that there’s virtu…
The History Behind Labor Day
What’s not to love about Labor Day? A long weekend, BBQs and parades — really, no responsibilities except for having a great time and toasting the end of summer. But what exactly does Labor Day celebrate?
Five Labor Day Sales in Buffalo – Our Top Five
Its never to early to start mapping out what stores you are going to hit up to get the best Labor Day deals so we thought we would give you a hand and let you know about a few great sales.
This Labor Day Aeropostale will be offering an extra percentage off their sale items...