Lake Erie

Earthquake: If Buffalo is a Rocking….
According to, there was an earthquake early Friday morning under Lake Erie.  It took place six miles southwest of Port Colburne, Ontario and registered 2.1 on the Richter scale.
2.1 isn't an earthquake you're gonna feel, unless maybe you were right on top of it...
5 Great Drives to See the Great Lakes in New York State
Two Great Lakes border New York. Even though Michigan gets the credit for being the Great Lakes State, New York has some amazingly scenic views of the Great Lakes to offer any traveler. Here are 5 great drives to see the Lake Erie and Lake Ontario shorelines in the Empire State...
Why I Was Put in A Tutu
I REALLY need to start learning how to say no. Over this past weekend I had the chance to go the WNY Polar Plunge for work and I wasn't too sure on whether or not I was going to actually plunge into the 44 degree Lake Erie. But, ohhh let me tell you how I was conned into going in.