Laura Daniels

Paula Abdul Releases Dance Track About Mammograms [VIDEO]
We're still looking for our next $100 gift card it YOU?  How can you win, you ask?  
Have you ever had a mammorgram?  It's really REALLY simple (and PAINLESS!!!!) and can save your life!
Paula Abdul is also on the scene with a new song about getting mammogram…
Laura’s Birthday Suprise [VIDEO]
We didn't want Laura's first birthday here in Buffalo to go under the radar so, we set out to make sure that it was one that she would remember. Heather Davis, Ang, Brian Russell and myself hyped up a great 'gift' that we made sure she opened up on-air so we could get her reactio…
Are You Afraid of What Laura Is?
The past few weeks have been absolutely hilarious with Laura and nothing short of entertaining. I’ve learned a lot about her…perhaps even too much, but I don’t mind. Today, a mascot walked off the elevator at 7 this morning and she had a MELT DOWN.

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