4 Kids Charged For Senior Prank in Lewiston–Is It That Bad?
What do you think about this one?
A Senior prank has had some serious concequences for 2 current students and 2 former students as they are getting charged.

4 kids broke into the school
Rearranged the desks into a stairwell
Put cups filled with water all in the hallways
Filled the hallway with green and …
Lewiston Nun Steals $128,000 From Churches
A nun up in Lewiston must have had no money. In fact she probably had none at all (get it?) haha. A Lewiston nun has been accused of stealing $128,000 from two parishes where she worked and has recently pleaded not guilty to her charges and has since, been in gambling recovery.
Lewiston Peach Festival This Weekend
Come on up to Lewiston, NY this weekend and experience an old fashioned Festival complete with a Parade (Saturday), Peach Shortcake, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, carnival rides and 3 days of stage entertainment.

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