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FOOD HACK: Easiest Way to Seperate Yolk From Egg White
Let's face it.
The last thing you want when you first wake up is more of a hassle than you need. That's why when you're 10 minutes behind, still need to iron your clothes, get the kids out the door AND make yourself breakfast there's a solution to save you a hot 3 of those minutes…
FOOD HACK: When You HAVE to Cook Bacon Do This
Finally someone else is catching on to this fad. We recommend that you always cook your bacon in a microwave, it is a breakfast hack done to perfection. Microwaves target fat and water molecules to cook food. Bacon happens to be made up mostly of fat and water; so it makes perfect sense.
Buffalo Life Hacks For Snow Coming To WNY [LIST]
It's the news most of us hate: It's going to snow in Buffalo--a lot.
Here's some Buffalo Winter Hacks that will get your ready in some (of the strangest, yet useful) ways this winter.
#1 Use Your Fan This Winter
This might sound nuts and counter productive to stay warm in your house this…
Buffalo Life Hack — Do This To Your Side Car Mirrors
You're in a hurry to get to work on time and run outside and your car is covered with snow and ice. It's a pain and let's be honest, once in a while you just scrape a little circle out so you can see and it's 'good enough for now'.
Toss plastic grocery bags or ziplock bags on your side mirrors when y…