Christmas Lights To Annoy Your Neighbors [VIDEO]
It's got to take  hours, maybe even days to set up some of the Christmas light displays out there.  I can't even imagine the cost involved in accumulating all of the lights, inflatables and other decorations, not to mention the electric bills!  While holiday light displays a…
Angry Christmas Lights [VIDEO]
Angry Birds may be the most popular smartphone app in America these days, so why not Angry Christmas Lights? Some talented individual, probably with a bit too much time on his hands, set 25-thousand Christmas lights to the angry birds theme and videotaped the results. You will be amazed at how beaut…
Holiday Decorating: Knowing What Lights To Use
Christmas lights and decorations are shining this weekend across Western New York. Many folks flick the switch right after Thanksgiving. If you're scratching your head though, not sure which lights are best for you then we've found a few tips online!