Just Add Ice! Hockey Is Back!
Dust off the Zamboni, here come the Buffalo Sabres!  The NHL and its players’ union have announced a tentative agreement that will bring the current lockout to an end.
The NFL Refs are Back!
Goodbye, replacement refs. It's a breath of fresh air knowing that we can have a little more assurance with the decisions the refs make now that the crew is back. It's been tough to not blame some of the calls, games and headaches on some of these replacement refs. But, can we blame them entirely? I…
Sabres Lockout: What To Do With Your Tickets
Welp, the preseason for the NHL has officially been canceled. Cross your fingers that the rest of the season isn't going down the same path. It's super annoying to the fans when the NHL goes into lockout.  It's more annoying to think that the players and owners are fighting over …