Tony Tries: Lipsense Makeup [VIDEO]
We had another special Tony Tries this week, where Val comes up with ways to humiliate me.  This week she had me try out Lipsense makeup.  Not only did I have to wear the makeup, I had to put it on myself!
We were lucky enough to have Jill, our Lipsense distributor, stop by and supply…
Sorry I’m Late — I was Farding
This morning, we learned something new.
The definition of "fard".
1. facial cosmetics
verb (used with object)
2. to apply cosmetics to (the face).
We asked you to use it in a sentence.
And hours of 2nd grade humor erupted...
Men Use $350 Worth Of Women’s Cosmetics
It's bad enough that we have to shell out more cash than men for various necessities (moisturizer, under-eye treatment, cosmetics, cute shoes, nice earrings, Spanx, hair product...shall I go on?), but now, we've gotta share???
Preventing The Dreaded Makeup Melt
The days are beginning to heat up and it's time to start thinking about your makeup. When the temps rise you may want to think about reaching for a waterproof product. I will never forget working out with my friend and looking over to talk and watching the makeup run and drip down the side of h…
Prom Time! Need Help With Hair And Makeup? [VIDEO]
Prom Season is upon us.  I have several friends who have already taken their daughters out shopping for dresses, and others who have sons renting tuxes.  Limos, flowers and so much more needs to be done to prepare.  How about hair and makeup?
How Buffalo Brides Can Have the Angelina Jolie Look [Video]
Finally, It seems like an eternity 7 years later Brad and Angelina are finally getting married. The designers are scrambling to present the perfect wedding dress. It is wedding season and now is the time to make a fashion statement. Vera Wang is the reigning queen of wedding gown design for young ce…
It’s Time To Get Glam!!
I love the holiday season. It's all about the glitz and glam when it comes to the holiday parties. Holiday parties are a  time to socialize, mix and get glamorous. If your thinking about a way to stand out from the crowd, make lipstick your friend.
I Found The Best Concealer On Earth! [Video]
Like the many other millions of women in the world I found myself at one of my favorite places in the mall, the cosmetics counter. I can't believe there was a time when cosmetics and I were not friends.
How To Look Rested
It's summer in Buffalo and there is always something to do. If you are not as well rested as you usually are in the winter months I can understand why. Everywhere we look there are festivals happening. Bags or dark circles always seem to creep up when you have had no sleep...
A Little Sensation[VIDEO]
How adorable is she. A 5 year old giving makeup advice. One thing I can say about 5 year olds, they always tell you what they think. I'm not surprised this little one is a youtube sensation.

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