Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez Discusses Working With Marc Anthony on ‘Today’
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have been getting along well since their divorce. The former couple are working together on their Univision series, ‘Q’Viva!’ and are reportedly co-parenting and communicating better than ever. However, working with an ex, no matter how amicably you split, isn’t g…
J-Lo Muses On Love, Onstage
Jennifer Lopez has kept her feelings to herself since she broke up with Marc Anthony during the summer. But she chose a gala performance at Conneticut's Mohegan Sun casino Saturday night to open herself up a little bit.
Jennifer Lopez Speaks Out On Love & Divorce
Finally Jennifer Lopez is speaking out. Honestly, she is talking a lot sooner than I thought she would.  Many of us will be clamoring for our September issue of Vanity Fair magazine. This is her first interview since announcing her split from Marc Anthony.