Mario Lopez

“Hunk Week” With Ellen DeGeneres [VIDEO]
The Ellen DeGeneres Show is in summer mode but leave it to Ellen to turn what would normally be boring reruns into must see TV for the ladies.  This past week was "Hunk Week" on Ellen with a bare Ashton Kutcher, Mario Lopez in his tighty whiteys and so much more…
Mario Lopez Comes by the JOY FM Studios [Video]
Mario Lopez caused quite the stir before he even came in the building. I hope everyone still likes me after this. My coworker Melissa who is a already pretty decided to doll herself up within 5 minutes or less, Nancy from sales immediately put on a gorgeous orange lipstick that made her adorable, An…
Mario Lopez Strips Down For Ellen [VIDEO]
Mario Lopez has a new line of underwear out and he's not shy about modeling it for anyone.  Lopez recently appeared on Ellen, and in case you missed it, his pants came off.  Even if you caught this the first time, it's worth a second look!