The Language(s) Of Love
Do you know the languages of love?
A few weeks ago I was listening to an episode of Gretchen Rubin's podcast, "Happier..." which featured a segment on The Five Love Languages -- a 1995 book authored by Gary Chapman.
If you haven't heard of the "Love Languages," here's a quick break…
Proposals Gone Bad and Other Shocking Engagement Facts!
Earlier today we were talking about the couple who recently got engaged at Letchworth State Park.  A photographer just happened to be nearby, and she snapped pics of the event...though she wasn't able to track them down.  Read below how Facebook helped find them...
Random, Unexpected Perks Of Being Married
How true are these?!
Let's face it--when you get married you had no clue that these would be some of the benefits. Of course, these aren't the most obvious things that were thought of, but definitely an added bonus.
When you realize all 19 of these in the video are true, that's how you …

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