Women: Would You Ever Propose to Your Man?
Some woman think that they would. Some woman have and it's no big deal. Some woman are traditional and some would just think about leaving if they were waiting to long. But, everyone has an opinion on this one what would YOU do?
Falling For The Wrong Person
It's probably happened to all of us at one point.  I know it's happened to me.  Sometimes, there are just some things you have no control over.  And when it comes to matters of the heart, those are the ones we have the least control over...
Men And Expensive Cars
Sometimes we really don' t need research to tell us the obvious!And on this one three Universities participated!  Men who drive Porches and other expensive cars
Mrs. Crystal Hefner-Not! [Video]
Call it whatever you like, but I call it sanity!  According to Crystal Harris, ditching fiancé, Hugh Hefner nearly at the altar was the 'right thing to do.'
"It was mutual between Hef and I," Harris said there was no fight, we sat down and we talked about it...
Extreme Wedding Proposals [Videos]
How do you ask someone to marry you?   How would you like to be asked? Some guys pop the question over a romantic dinner, others choose a less traditional route. Check out these proposals and then let us know your great ideas!
Get Your Marriage Back on Track
All married couples know that keeping your marriage a loving and fulfilling relationship is hard work. Between jobs, kids, family and friends there is not much time for the two of you. recently published an article about how to keep your marriage on track.
Here are their top 5 ways:

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