Just One Thing Is Missing – MATH
Don't believe the hype.
More importanly, stop sharing it! (This graphic, at last check, was shared 1.2 million times.)
It takes 1 second to SHARE something on Facebook....but maybe 8 seconds to FACT-CHECK.  And for this one, your calculator on your phone would have the answer in half that ti…
THIS Is ‘Common Core’ Math? [PHOTO]
No wonder parents are so frustrated. This makes NO sense to me!
As Keith Kelly reported, Governor Cuomo is launching a 'Common Core Task Force', which, to me, is a fancy way of saying, 'Oooh We Messed 'Em Up Good'.
Ok, parents, I don't have human children...
Tom Brady Math Proves He’s Evil (???)
He's dreamy.
He's married to a supermodel.
He's the most hated man in Buffalo.
Ok, that last statement may be a stretch, but judging from your Facebook comments and Tweets, you don't like Mr. Brady much.
A West Seneca man also put together a pretty funny parody video of Sam Smith&apo…
Today Is National Pi Day! [VIDEO]
One of my teachers made me memorize Pi to the 12th place for a bonus question on a test. Before I looked at the number above I wrote it down. I wouldn't have gotten the bonus points if I took the test today. I did, however remember that it's 22/7 and is an irrational number...