Five Apps Every Women Wishes Her Guy Had
When it comes to behavior in men there are some things that are universal. No matter who the guy is, we all do the same things that drive women crazy. And we're darn good at it!
So it got me thinking. In this day of smart phones. How handy would it be ladies if there were a bunch of apps you co…
Wealthy Men & Women Surprisingly Alike, Says New Study
F. Scott Fitzgerald noted that the rich "are different from you and me". Maybe so, but a new study says that wealthy men and women share many of the same habits, childhood experiences, and leadership styles. The study, presented at the American Psychological Association's annual meeting in…
Men And Expensive Cars
Sometimes we really don' t need research to tell us the obvious!And on this one three Universities participated!  Men who drive Porches and other expensive cars
Women’s Pet Peeves [Video]
We had a discussion at Joy-fm today about women's pet peeves. I immediately said my wife's pet peeve is that I don't listen to her. I am guilty as charged. But you see I believe all men are born with a special switch that's connected from the brain to the inner ear

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