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Michael Phelps’ Mom Makes an Oops
Michael Phelps was on his way to winning the gold in the 200 butterfly.  His mom and sisters were anxiously waiting and cheering.  He had a half-body lead right up to the end.  So his mom began cheering and jumping, only to find out he had come in second.
Olympic Parody: “Call Me Lochte” [VIDEO]
The song "Call Me Maybe" has been the inspiration for numerous parodies, most recently several Olympic themed songs. The latest comes from NOC, an entertainment channel that showcases athletes. "Call Me Lochte" pokes fun at the rivalry between U.S. Swimmers Ryan L…
Michael Phelps Is A Diva
Michael Phelps won't be at the opening ceremony tonight with the rest of his teammates.  In fact, in all 3 Olympics which he participated in, he has never been at the opening ceremonies.