Falling With Milk [VIDEO]
Anyone who has ever worked in a grocery store will appreciate this video.  I worked at one for years while I was in college.  Needless to say, I think this person may have lived in Raleigh!
The New Planking: Milking
Welp, here's your distraction for the day. OK, if you have heard of planking or tebowing and have participated in these fads this past year, you know that they can be down right hilarious and creative. Who knows why this one came about, but the new one is called milking. And no.... it's no…
Pre-K Rap [VIDEO]
A while back, there was a series of DVDs designed to stimulate young children's minds. If memory serves me right, the manufacturers eventually had to pay a huge settlement because the videos did no such thing.
She's sitting at the table with her gourmet coffee.
Her son is on the cover of the Wheaties box.
Her daughter is on the cover of Business Week.
Her boyfriend is on the cover of Playgirl.
And her husband is on the back of the milk carton...