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30 Hour Coffin Challenge [Pics]
Ever wondered what it would be like to lay in a coffin? How about for 30 hours? Well, Dave and I tried it and lost miserably BUT the other contestants were troopers.
Melody Did A Diet Thing
O.k. they say don't diet but do the lifestyle change thing. If I am restricting the amount of pizza and sweets consumed, regardless, it's a diet. Here are my tips to lose some weight.
Things To Do This Weekend 10/12/2018
I know the colder weather is back and we were really spoiled with those warmer temperatures. Even though it is a bit chilly, it shouldn't stop you from going out.
Rewards For Good Grades
Did you know your kiddos can be rewarded for their good grades? Maybe this would be an incentive to get those good grades? Here is a full list below:

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