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Most Adorable Salon-Talk You’ll See All Day [VIDEO]
No one listens like a hairdresser.
They play artist, therapist, mom/dad, support name it.
But it doesn't get any more adorable than this little stylist-in-training.
They gossip like they were at the salon, and the little one just repeats everything in agreement...
Wet Nose Wednesday — Meet ‘Violet’ [VIDEO]
In all my dog-loving years, I've never seen a dog with this color....You've heard of the "bluish" tint in fur, but Violet has brown and black, UNDER her bluish tint, so she's almost "ashy" (ask your hairdresser, they'll understand)
Skyride Buffalo Is Coming Soon! Details Here!
There are so many great sure signs that summer in Buffalo is almost here (besides the obvious Gregorian calendar...).  The Red Cross Bash, Food Truck Tuesdays, The World's Largest Yard Sale...all signature Buffalo events signifying warmer temps and summer fun...
The Stupid (But Kind Of Zen) Video I Can’t Stop Watching
Sometimes it can seem that the world has gone mad.  News headlines can be deadlines keep piling obligations can seem stressful...spring maintenance for the home might seem daunting.  Getting some quality "me" time seems to be an increasingly …
5 Places to Party on Cinco de Mayo in Buffalo
Everyone's a wee bit Irish on St. Patrick's Day, and we've all got a little Polish in us on Dyngus Day.  And in Buffalo, it's time to flex the Mexican Muscle for Cinco de Mayo!
Here are some great ideas for where to mix margaritas, crush some queso, and sip some salsa (...

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