Best Cyber Monday Deals 2017 [LIST]
Last year Cyber Monday 2016 was the biggest day in the history of U.S. e-commerce spending nearly 3.5 BILLION DOLLARS. Experts also estimate that this record will be shattered again.
10 Things You Shouldn’t Talk About on a First Date!
Val Townsend and I have 2 different experiences when it comes to dating.  Besides the obvious fact that she is a girl and I am a guy, she has actual experience dating in 2017 and I haven't done it since 1997.  I'm sure not much has changed and all the same rules still apply …
Woman Finds Money in Redbox Rental
I'm not lucky enough to find a quarter on the sidewalk let alone what this woman found in her Redbox rental. Imagine going to your local Redbox machine to rent a movie or a game and when the disc cartage pops out you notice more than the DVD inside...
It Costs How Much To Raise a Kid?
It's 2017 and the world has come a long way.  Gone are the days of 5 cent stamps and 50 cent movies.  Prices have risen on everything, including having kids.  This is why I only have 2 kids.
According to the Department of Agriculture, the cost of raising a kid from birth to …
Win Your Share of Buffaloot on The New Mix96!
Every weekday, beginning November 1st – November 30 (excluding 11/24-25 Holiday’s) you have a shot to win $1,000 whenever you hear the WIN CASH cue to call.
Laura Daniels will announce the cue-to-call times to win weekday mornings at 7:25 a
Gas Prices in Buffalo Are the Lowest in 12 Years
Woohoooo! Gas prices in Buffalo are hitting an all-time low, well they are the lowest they have been in YEARS anyway!
Gas prices are at their lowest seasonal prices since 2004. The average here in Buffalo right now is $2.36 and the national average is $2...
File Your Last Minute Taxes in Buffalo for Free – Here’s How
Remember tax day is coming up on April 15, and you have to have yours filed by then and there's no excuse for filing late – almost everything is done electronically now.
New York state is offering free help and free filings at certain locations across Erie County as long as you fit wi…

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