5 Important Things You Should Know About That Year-End Bonus
This time of year, with all the present buying, snow shoveling and family visiting, rarely do we have a moment to really think through that year-end bonus we hope is coming. But there are some important things you should know about your bonus—before you rely on it to cover the cost of all…
Here’s How To Whiten Your Teeth At Home [VIDEO]
Are your teeth looking more on the yellow side than the white side? Do you smoke, drink lots of coffee or wine and abuse the only set of teeth you have? Have you tried white strips or even had a dentist actually whiten your teeth?
The 5 Best Ways to Finally Get That Raise
We’ve been going through a pretty rough economy these last few years, but you’ve been working hard, so why not ask for that raise? It may or may not work, but if you do decide to ask (and you should), you should be prepared to ask for it in the right way.
The 2013 Tax Deadline Is Tonight!
Did you take care of your taxes yet?? Hopefully you did. Otherwise you will be one of the millions scrambling to get their taxes in by tonight's deadline.
5 Things I Would Do With My Christmas Bonus (If I Got One)
There's a lot of things I would do with a Christmas bonus if I got one. But, I don't think that the things that I would do with the money are the things I SHOULD do with the money. Saving is always a thought but, never seems to find itself become a reality...whoops.
Would You Ever Buy This? I Wouldn’t
I would much rather go to Timmy Ho's for a coffee rather than Starbucks. That's because my wallet really much rather looks the average, working man rather than Justin Bieber's. At $7 a drink, no thanks. But, to make things interesting you can buy a gift card for $50.....THEN load it w…
What’s Your “GO AWAY” Number?
With the Powerball jackpot growing exponentially ($425 million at press time), we can all start to dream a bit.  "What would you do if you won the lottery?" seems to be such a cliche question.  So this morning I asked:
"What is your GO AWAY number...

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