The 5 Highest Paying American Jobs in 2015 [LIST]
Here are the average salaries of the top five paying jobs in America.
For example, in teaching, every teacher in America's salary was included to find the average.
In an ironic twist, I started writing this only to find out that anesthesiology was #1 on the list, which is what I went to school fo…
Who Were The Highest Earning ‘American Idols’ Of 2015
Carrie Underwood, who topped the list in 2013 and 2014, was thrown off her throne this year by season 8 runner up Adam Lambert as the highest-paid American Idol contestant of 2015. Adam Lambert did something that not many people nobody will ever really get to do: be the frontman for the rock band Qu…
What Are The Highest Lottery Jackpots In History? [LIST]
"Hey, you never know!"
We hear it all too much and the good ol' United States of America certainly believes the same thing because that's the reason that the top 10 largest lottery jackpots all happened in the past three years. Yesterday, the sixth largest jackpot was anno…
The 7 Wealthiest Zip Codes in Western New York [LIST]
What are the richest areas in Western New York? Who is in the wealthiest zip code around Buffalo? The U.S. Census Bureau + keeps track by ranking the median household income per zip code.
How about the wealthiest zip codes in the entire United States...
Do You Know How Much Your Spouse Makes?
This was pretty huge this morning....and pretty surprising to both Keith and me (being that neither of us are married, or even "shacked up", as my mom would say).
A new poll shows half of married couples didn't know how much their spouse made, and less than two-thirds discuss f…
Using Big Bills Saves You Money
I personally know that when I spend money on a credit or debit card, it doesn't have the same effect that handing a clean, crisp $100 bill across the counter does. See why below.

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