Mother's day

Mother’s Day Brunch Locations in Buffalo
Mother's Day (May 10, 2015), is the one day a year to treat your mother like the queen she is/thinks she is. And as cute as it might be, we suggest skipping "breakfast in bed" this year. Turns out, moms don't like cleaning up pancake batter and doing the dishes on this da…
Unique Ways To Announce Pregnancy [VIDEOS]
As Mother's Day approaches, moms usually get wistful for when they were the center of attention...when everyone said they "glowed"...when they awaited their own little bundles of joy...when they enjoyed/suffered the wonders/agonies of pregnancy.
4 Random Mother’s Day Facts
Mother's Day is this Sunday, and hopefully everyone remembered to "take care" of Mom. Maybe a day at the spa, some flowers or just a card -- as long as its something!
Well, since we're on the topic of Mother's Day, I found four random facts about the day that you may …
What Do You Really Want For Mother’s Day? [POLL]
Alright ladies, let's be honest! Flowers are nice, but they don't last. Jewelry sparkles, but how often will you really get to wear it. Maybe you want a day of pampering to de-stress! Or maybe not!
The question is, what do you REALLY want for Mother's Day this year?

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