Mother's day

Unique Ways To Announce Pregnancy [VIDEOS]
As Mother's Day approaches, moms usually get wistful for when they were the center of attention...when everyone said they "glowed"...when they awaited their own little bundles of joy...when they enjoyed/suffered the wonders/agonies of pregnancy.
4 Random Mother’s Day Facts
Mother's Day is this Sunday, and hopefully everyone remembered to "take care" of Mom. Maybe a day at the spa, some flowers or just a card -- as long as its something!
Well, since we're on the topic of Mother's Day, I found four random facts about the day that you may …
What Do You Really Want For Mother’s Day? [POLL]
Alright ladies, let's be honest! Flowers are nice, but they don't last. Jewelry sparkles, but how often will you really get to wear it. Maybe you want a day of pampering to de-stress! Or maybe not!
The question is, what do you REALLY want for Mother's Day this year?

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