Mother's day

Mother’s Day Ideas for Moms in Buffalo
The pressure is on -- Mother's Day is the one day a year when you're required to do something special for Mom. It's always hard to plan the perfect Mother's Day and find the perfect gift, but we are here to help.
Here are seven suggestions for Buffalo-area Mother's Day activi…
Moms Worth More Than Dads At Home?
Everyone has Father's Day on their mind for this weekend.  With Mother's Day just a few weeks ago, ever wonder who is worth more, mom or dad?  Maybe you were afraid to ask.
Taylor Swift Releases Line of Mother’s Day Cards
Taylor Swift is maximizing on her wholesome image in a brand new way. The singer-songwriter-actress recently released a brand new line of Mother’s Day cards through American Greetings. The cards feature images of her lyrics to tracks like ‘The Best Day,’ which s…
Cheryl’s Mother’s Day: These Are The Best Of Times
I'm one of the lucky ones. As I celebrate Mother's Day this Sunday, I have the piece of mind to know my children are healthy, happy, safe and sound. My mother is also still a major part of our lives. I would consider this part of my life "the best of times."
Bad Mother’s Day Gifts
Mother's Day is only a few days away.  We've seen what they DO want for Mother's Day.  But there are some things you just shouldn't get them.  Lucky for you, if you've botched up and got them one of these items, you still have time to buy her something else...

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