Movies You Love Over & Over
On Wednesday, I actually had an excuse for why I couldn't form complete sentences:  I was up FAR too late Tuesday night because Braveheart was on.  That's one of those movies that, even though I've seen it HUNDREDS of times, I still always get sucked in, and watch the entire…
A Real Christmas Classic [VIDEO]
From Miracle On 34th Street to The Santa Clause , holiday movies about Santa always have a special place in our hearts. So would you like to see what may be the oldest Santa Claus film ever?
“Star Wars” Joins The Empire…[VIDEO]
George Lucas has always said that his original plan was to make nine movies to tell the complete Star Wars saga. He made Episodes IV - VI first, then went back for the first three installments. Now it looks like the series will finally get finished, with the help of a powerful new ally..
9 Horror Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen
It's October and you know what that means: hot cider, pumpkin beer, candy corn and of course, Halloween. In the spirit of the holiday here are some creepy and intriguing horror movies perfect for the Halloween season.
‘The Great Gatsby’ Gets an Official Release Date for May 2013!
One of the most anticipated movies this year was supposed to be 'The Great Gatsby,' the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel adapted for the big screen and directed by Baz Lurhmann. That is, until Warner Bros. pulled the film's December release date -- where it was set to go up against 'The Hobbit' and 'Django…

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