“Biggest Loser” Contestants Threaten To Quit
An already-disastrous season on TV's The Biggest Loser is threatening to fall completely apart, with word that almost all of the remaining contestants have walked off the show to protest a rumored rule change that they fear will hurt their chances at the $250,000 top prize.
Roseanne Barr Is Making A Return To Network TV
Roseanne Bar is making a return to network TV, and NBC has decided to pick up her latest project.
Roseanne is currently working on a sitcom titled "Downwardly Mobile", which has been written and produced by the same man who produced "Roseanne...
NBC Desperate For Ryan Seacrest
Is it rude to say I don't know what the big deal is about Ryan Seacrest? He's reasonably attractive, seems to want to be very busy (See American Idol, New Years' Rockin' Eve, E! News, a very popular morning radio show in LA, and who knows what else?], but has always seemed a litt…
Return To 1313 Mockingbird Lane (VIDEO)
The record for revivals of classic TV shows is pretty hit and miss, with the emphasis on miss.For every Hawaii Five-O , there's the new Charlie's Angels . And don't get me started on movie revisions; McHale's Navy or The Beverly Hillbillies, anyone? Yet TV frequently returns to i…
Don Johnson RETURNS To TV
According to Entertainment Weekly Don Johnson is returning to TV this Fall in role that is quite a departure for the Miami Vice alum.