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NYC Officer Gives Homeless Man Boots, Barefoot Again
Last week, I told you about the NYC police officer, Lawrence DePrimo, who was photographed giving a barefoot, homeless man a pair of shoes in Times Square. Update: the homeless man still is barefoot. Oh yeah…and he’s not homeless.
Police Officer Caught Helping Homeless Man
Usually, when we see pictures of police officers, they aren’t in a good way. We usually think “thanks for the ticket…not”. But, in this case, New York City Police officer Lawrence DePrimo, is a good example of what every person should be, especially…
NYC Marathon: Should It Go On? [POLL]
You've seen the damage - on TV, in newspapers, online. You've heard the horror stories - half of Manhattan without power, much-worse damage in other parts of New York City, worse still on Long Island and in New Jersey. How is it the right time for the New York City Marathon?
Nanny Kills Kids in NYC
Trusting someone to watch over your kids day in and day out is a huge endeavor. A horrible story coming out of New York City where nanny, Yoselyn Ortega had killed the two kids she watches over every day in their apartment.
Billboard’s Woman of the Year Is…
The biggest honor at the Billboard Awards that every female artist wishes for every single year is Woman of the Year. The recipient has to have had a huge year and made a huge impact on music. Last year, Taylor Swift took the crown but, this year, the Woman of the Year is....

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