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WARNING: A Guy Brought the Measles To Buffalo This Weekend
Dang, this guy came to Buffalo and went EVERYWHERE with measles.Symptoms don't usually appear for about 10 days.
A European man who was visiting has the measles and the Department of Health has found out where the guy went. Symptoms with the measles are running nose, fever, rash, cough and conju…
New 2017 Breast-Cancer Screenings Laws
Governor Cuomo is stepping up to the plate even more for breast cancer screenings in 2017. Beginning immediately here are some of the important points to note.

Hospitals will have four additional morning, evening or weekend hours each week for screenings beginning this year
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New 2017 Law On The Road You Need To Know Immediately
You know when you are driving down the street and sometimes question whether or not that random pick up truck with lights on top is an emergency vehicle? Do I legally need to pull over for them when they're on the side of the road?
Starting on January 17 the answer is yes...

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