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New 2017 Breast-Cancer Screenings Laws
Governor Cuomo is stepping up to the plate even more for breast cancer screenings in 2017. Beginning immediately here are some of the important points to note.

Hospitals will have four additional morning, evening or weekend hours each week for screenings beginning this year
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New 2017 Law On The Road You Need To Know Immediately
You know when you are driving down the street and sometimes question whether or not that random pick up truck with lights on top is an emergency vehicle? Do I legally need to pull over for them when they're on the side of the road?
Starting on January 17 the answer is yes...
NY Auto Inspections Add New Safety Check on Vehicles
NY auto inspections will now include check of tinted windows
— news10nbc (@news10nbc) November 29, 2016
As of yesterday a new safety check has been added for vehicle inspections in New York state. According to WHEC Governor Andrew Cuomo approved a new bill which requires …
10 Poorest Towns in New York State – Is Your Town on the List?
New York state has beauty in its parks and structures! With several of the most popular tourist destinations located not only in NYC but WNY and Upstate as well, New York as a state has it all. Still with all its beauty there are some areas that struggle to maintain a comfortable life...
List of Erie Canal Tours: The Eighth Wonder of the World
The Erie Canal was the most important waterway for traffic, travel and the economy in the United States when it was built. Of course, Buffalo was one of the most important cities because of the Canal back then as well.
Proposed in 1808 and completed in 1825, the Canal links the waters of Lake Er…

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