Niagara Falls

2 People Rescued In Disabled Boat Right Before Niagara Falls
One male and female were rescued late Sunday night after something happened to their boat on the Niagara River and floated toward The Falls. The duo got about a half-mile a way from making the plunge.
It was a windy Monday and police used a boat to get to the pair, due to the helicopter not being the…
Niagara Falls Ranked Worst City to Retire
Although Niagara Falls, NY, is home to one of the wonders of the world, apparently it's not the ideal home for retirees. has released a new study that ranks the major tourist attraction to be the number one worst city to retire...
Kate Hudson Goes Sightseeing in Buffalo
As the filming for the movie "Marshall" continues, one of its stars, Kate Hudson, stopped by Niagara Falls to do some touristy things. She took in the Falls and naturally ate some wings, which she shared on Instagram.
Kate Hudson also made a stop by the Maid of the Mist with her son…

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