Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Full Moon and Sunrise Time Lapse! [VIDEO]
I found my new YouTube obsession.  It used to be drone videos, now it's time-lapse videos.  Check this one out of a time-lapse from a hotel room over Niagara Falls, Ontario overlooking a full-moon transitioning to a sunrise. Gorgeous.
Video credit to Antonio de Vera via YouTube.
WATCH: Footage From the Time Officials Ran Niagara Falls Dry [VIDEO]
Western New York may witness something that many thought would never happen in their lifetimes again – seeing Niagara Falls run dry. No water. No waterfall.
Niagara Falls is looking to rehab or replace the bridges that connect Niagara Falls, Green Island and Goat Island within the next few year…
PLAN: Officials Looking to Run Niagara Falls Dry
Back in 1969 officials decided to run Niagara Falls dry in order to study the effects of erosion by the waters. It looks like nearly 50 years later that will happen all over again, but for a different reason. Niagara Falls is looking to rehab or replacing the bridges that connect Niagara Falls, Gree…
Niagara Falls Will Probably Go Dry in Next Few Years
Niagara Falls could get shut off? It sounds absurd, but apparently it could be happening. The American side of the falls was shut down once before in 1969 in an effort to study the erosion and buildup of rock at the base of the falls. Now the New York State parks system wants to turn off the falls a…
Winter In Niagara [VIDEO]
I love this time of year checking out the falls.  This video features Three Sisters Island near Niagara falls.  Some beautiful shots of this local gem.  Video credit to Traverse America via YouTube.
Police Close to Making Arrest in Niagara Falls Slapping Case
Remember the video that went viral locally last month when a man at a Tops parking lot was caught slapping another man in Niagara Falls, NY? Well, apparently police are close to making arrests, according to WIVB.
The victim, William Finlayson who is disabled and has  a "limite…
Bet You Didn’t Know These Things About Niagara Falls
Okay, sure. We've all seen Niagara Falls a few dozen times and probably read a lot of facts about the falls, but most of us probably don't really KNOW that much about Niagara Falls -- other than a woman went over them in a barrel, some tightrope walked over them and Superman and The O…

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