Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Residents Upset Over Water Issues
Some residents in Niagara Falls have been without water for months because of frozen pipes that are buried underground.
The issue was addressed during a city council meeting on Monday night, and residents are blaming the City of Niagara Falls for not burying the pipes deep enough...
Safety Drill At Niagara Falls High School
Niagara Falls High School will be teaching their students a very important safety lesson today by hosting a Multi-Agency Safety Drill.
The school will be on lock down starting at 8:45 A.M. until approximately 11:00 A.M. while police simulate an active shooter emergency...
AWESOME! Drone Over Niagara Falls [VIDEO]
Awesome!  Totally awesome!  is all I gotta say about this vid.  Ok I'l say more..check out this drone footage up close and personal with the partially frozen Niagara Falls!  Credit to Retail News via YouTube
Niagara Falls Frozen! [VIDEO]
The famous waterfalls by the Canada-U.S. border were partially frozen this week as temperatures in the area hit 13 degrees below zero on Monday. Though the falls were hardly frozen solid—water continued to flow—layers of ice built up, giving the impression of a winter wonderland amid its…
Jimmy Fallon Hates Niagara Falls? [VIDEO]
While interviewing Nicole Kidman about their chance to date (which was actually pretty funny), Jimmy Fallon took a couple of shots at Niagara Falls USA.  4:45 into the video if you want to skim to the "good" parts.

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