Top 6 Breakfast Joints in Clarence, NY [LIST]
Sometimes you need some help so you’re not going to the same place over and over again. Chances are that if you’re from Clarence you’ve already been to all five of these places; but if you haven’t checked them off your list yet, are you…
Look Who Was in Buffalo Last Week At Pearl Street Eating!!
I didn't know this story!!! Did you know she married a guy from Buffalo?
Last week, Vanessa Williams was in Buffalo eating at Pearl Street 4th of July weekend! She actually married Jim Scrip, from Depew, a St. Bonnies grad on July 4, 2015 here in Buffalo...
Buffalo Summer DIY: Wine Bottle Citronella Candle
As we gear up for summer here in WNY, that means the mosquitoes are going to be in full effect, so we're here to help you out.
Here is a DIY Project to build a citronella tiki torch out of a wine bottle and a few dollars worth of hardware...
Buffalo Summer DIY: Backyard Tiki Torches
Spruce up your backyard for summer parties with these chic tiki torches.
Empty Wine Bottle
Teflon Tape 1/2"
1/2" x 3/8" Copper Coupling
1/2" Copper Cap and Tiki Brand Replacement WickTorch Fuel
3/8"-16 Zinc Plated Threaded Rod
Copper …

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