Wet Nose Wednesday — Meet Baxter [VIDEO]
Baxter is a heartbreaker...just the sweetest face and loving gazes!  Baxter does require a little extra attention, because he suffers from separation anxiety.  He just loves his humans so much!  But a little training and a lot of love, he'll be the perfect companion for the respo…
2017 Hospice Buffalo Spring Bouquet Sale Info
It's the biggest fundraiser of the year for Hospice Buffalo, and it starts today!
For just $8, you can brighten someone's day and help a great Western New York organization while you're at it!
The annual Hospice Buffalo Spring Bouquet Sale has descended upon the area...
Lloyd and Uber are Feeding Buffalo for Free Today
Today those who have the Uber app will have the chance to be treated to free food from Lloyd. Download the app now and you could potentially be one of those people!
According to WIVB today from 10 a.m. til 2 p.m. Buffalo residents who use the Uber app could have the Lloyd's Taco truck…
What You Have To Do To Burn Off The Calories in ONE Paczki
They're delicious.
They're fattening.
They're a Lenten tradition and we LOVE them.
But what's the price to pay, calorically-speaking?
The typical paczki can run anywhere from 500 to 1,000 calories, depending on the recipe.  We did a little math for you to figure out just how man…
Wet Nose Wednesday — Meet ‘Sammi’ [VIDEO]
Sammi is 120 pounds of pure love!  She's a big girl with a big heart, and thanks to the wonderful doc's at the Buffalo Animal Shelter, she's also a breast cancer survivor!  She's got some training under her belt...but there's just ONE rule that MUST be followed in …

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