ChalkFest Hits Downtown Buffalo This Weekend
This awesome event is coming to Main Street in Downtown Buffalo this weekend! See amazing street art that makes the ground come alive!
This year's theme is Once Upon A Time!
In addition to the incredible chalk artwork there will also be activities for the kids and even a parade...
Best Place To Pick Your Own Berries In Western New York
SO many reasons to love Western New York in the summer...the festivals, the waterfront, the farmers markets, and the FRESH BERRIES!
Nothing tastes as good as naturally sweet, juicy berries.  Picking your own not only allows you to grab the perfect ones, but it's also a great family activity…
Wet Nose Wednesday — Meet ‘Sofia’ [VIDEO]

Welcome, Northtown Subaru!  Official Sponsor of Wet Nose Wednesday!

Daddy Dustin and I both agree -- when it comes to dogs, "the bigger the better".  This gal is just shy of being "My Little Pony", and despite not having a great last few months (she was found starving, abandoned …
DMV Warning to New Yorkers: Fake Traffic Ticket Emails are a Hoax
Pay close attention to an e-mail you may get claiming you need to pay Traffic Ticket (one which you are unaware of) or get your car impounded, according to News Reports.  It's a Fake E-mail.
Owen McShane, Director of Investigations for the NY DMV, said,
"The agency does not operate that way, “If …

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