Workpal Wednesday Winner 4-19-17
Today's Workpal Wednesday Winner is:
Michael Schueckler
Michael was nominated by Renee Flynn and work together at ACV Auctions!
"Why should they be our Workpal of the Week?
Mike is one of the best people I have had the pleasure of working with. He ...
Happy St. Patrick’s Day From Dan [VIDEO]
Hi I'm Dan Rinelli!  How do I enjoy MY St. Patrick's Day and kill time at work at the same time?  Well I find the co-worker with the most Irish name and bug them with my really bad Irish accent of course.  Thanks to Samantha for enduring through this.
American Idol Recap
If you were like me, you missed American Idol and Steve Carells last episode on the Office because you were watching the Bills draft
Office Romance
Have you ever had an office romance? You're not alone. Romance blooms at the office, according to a new U.S. survey. (by Harris Interactive):
Keeping The Peace
I think this is a list that will come in handy at the workplace. It comes from and talks about the 10 things to say to keep the peace in relationships.
Bad Office Manners Can Spell Trouble
A survey of more than 2,000 executives by reveals that 36% of U.S. bosses have issued a formal warning for swearing, and 6% have actually fired an employee for swearing. The survey also found that 81% of senior executives find a foul-mouthed colleague unacceptable to work alongside in…
So You Are Back To Work
How does it feel to be back at work after a long holiday weekend? What drives you crazy at work? 32% of employees list "loud talkers" as one of their biggest pet peeves in the office, according to a survey by Randstad.